After Hours and Prescription Refills

Janet D. Pearl, MD, MSc

Suffering From Pain?

We Can Help

Suffering From Pain?

We Can Help

After Hours


Although prescription refills will not be done after business hours, Dr. Pearl is available for urgent phone calls. You can reach her by calling the office at (508) 665-4344, and follow the instructions for paging Dr. Pearl. If you believe you are having a reaction to a medication prescribed or a complication from a procedure (for example: fever, redness or warmth at the injection site, severe pain, or new numbness or weakness) and need urgent follow up, call Dr. Pearl immediately at (508) 665-4344 and follow the prompts to have her paged.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency (such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, inability to urinate, allergic reaction, new weakness in a limb after a procedure, etc), please call 9-1-1 to activate emergency medical services. Please have the emergency room page Dr. Pearl, if possible, after your arrival.

Prescription Refills

Note: Dr. Pearl cannot refill a prescription written by another physician.

We request that you call your pharmacy directly to request a prescription refill. Please allow three to five business days for your pharmacy to process the request. If you have a problem with your request to your pharmacy, please call us and leave a message in the appropriate mailbox stating your name, number, date of birth, medication name to be refilled, strength, how you take the medications and your pharmacy name and address.

Please be aware that for your safety, if you haven’t seen your pain medicine provider recently, we may request that you come in for a visit to fill your prescription. A minimum of two business days notice are required for all prescription refill requests. Please contact us well before you have used up your prescription medication so that you are not without it.

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