Fast Track Program

Janet D. Pearl, MD, MSc

Suffering From Pain?

We Can Help

Suffering From Pain?

We Can Help

The Complete Spine and Pain Care


for Acute & Severe Back or Sciatic Pain

For people with acute, debilitating back or sciatic pain who have not responded to conservative treatment after 4-6 weeks.

Early access to pain treatment in these patients can make the difference between a patient returning to a productive life versus having a life of chronic pain and disability.

The Complete Spine and Pain Care Fast Track program assures that patients with acute back or sciatic pain get the treatment they need, when it will make the most impact!

The Facts on Low Back Pain

The Good News…

  • Low back pain affects approximately 80% of the population, 85% of these episodes will be short lived, resolving in about 4- 6 weeks.
fast pain relief for chronic back pain

The Bad News…

  • The condition relapses in 35-80% of the population, resulting in multiple episodes of low back pain
  • Up to 15% of adults and 27% of the elderly will develop chronic back pain.

Complete Spine and Pain Care’s Fast Track Program

  • Priority patient assessment by Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician within 5 days* (usually sooner)
  • Further diagnostic tests, as necessary
  • Personalized multidisciplinary treatment plan
  • Prompt interventional fluoroscopically guided spinal injections, as medically indicated
  • Close communication with Primary Care and referring Physicians
  • Referral to spine surgeon, psychiatrist, nutritionist, physical therapist, as appropriate

Our Plan :

Prevent Progression to Chronic Pain

  • If your patient is not improving with conservative treatment after 4-6 weeks, or has such severe pain that prevents participation in physical therapy or functional activities, then referral to Complete Spine and Pain Care is indicated.
  • We will complete a biopsychosocial assessment of the pain and develop and execute an aggressive multidisciplinary plan to promote early mobilization and prevent progression to chronic back pain and its associated problems (sleep disorders, depression, etc)

Why Choose Us for Patients with Severe Back Pain and/or Sciatica?

The Complete Spine and Pain Care Advantage:

  • Easy access assured through priority scheduling and consistent availability
  • Assessment by Physician, Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology
  • Local facilities with fluoroscopy suite at each site
  • State-of-the-art interventional techniques used
  • Patient safety and comfort are priorities of the practice
  • Broad range of services available

Goals of Program :

  • Reduction of pain to promote active recovery and functional healing
  • Reduced need for oral medications
  • Prevent progression to chronic pain syndrome

Eligible Patients :

  • New Back or Sciatic Pain NOT responding to conservative management, OR
  • Severe pain preventing participation in functionally orientated physical therapy

Don’t Suffer Any Longer…

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