Your Referring Physician

Complete Pain Care LLCReferring and primary care doctors are an essential part of our pain management team. We want to assure you that we highly value, and are fully committed to:

  • Full communication with all of our patient’s health care practitioners;
  • Highest quality of care;
  • Honesty and respectful relationships with our patients;
  • Gentle touch and concern for safety on all interventional procedures.

Your Primary Care Physician

  • PCP Requirement:

    Your PCP (primary care doctor) is an integral part of your pain care team. Since our pain management practice is highly specialized, we are not able to accommodate routine and preventive healthcare needs that are not related to your pain condition or long term disease management for a condition once it is stable. You need to maintain a relationship with a PCP who is familiar with all of your health issues and who can provide you with care continuity in the long term. If you do not have a PCP, you will need to establish a relationship with one prior to receiving services through Complete Pain Care.

  • PCP Communication Assurance:

    As a member of your pain care team, your PCP will be kept apprised of your progress at Complete Pain Care. To ensure that your treatment plan continues smoothly without interruption or confusion, we will report any changes in your assessment or treatment plan to your PCP in a timely manner. And we are always available to your PCP if any questions or other issues arise concerning your health status.

Next Steps

What to Bring

  • Completed Patient Clinical Intake Form
  • Health insurance information including authorizations or referrals
  • List of prescription medications and dosages
  • List of medications that you’re allergic to
  • List of questions you may have
  • Recent test results related to your condition
  • Paper and pencil to take notes


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